Nta Ugc Net Comprehension Study Material Notes Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

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Nta Ugc Net Comprehension Study Material Notes Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

UGC NET Exam, the exam which tests the eligibility of Indian Nationals for ‘Assistant Professor’ or for ‘Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor’ both in Indian Universities and Colleges.

One question that constantly plagues every student’s mind is –  How to improve in reading comprehensions? You have to admit, Reading Comprehension questions are a tricky ball game. RC passages can be time consuming, energy sapping and information intensive. On the other hand, the rewards they offer are fascinating: if you grasp a passage well, you should be able to get most questions in a single passage correct, and this means you gain quite a few marks by solving one set of questions. At the best of times, you are likely to find a passage that you have never read previously. One of the most significant factors for solving reading comprehensions and being accurate in this area actually revolves around the approach you adopt for this topic. How do you cope with such a challenge actually becomes a central aspect of how you perform in reading comprehensions.

>>Nta Ugc Net Comprehension Study Material Notes Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi


English Section Strategy

  1. You should know that solving English RC has become an inevitable part of almost every competitive Exam.
  2. You will find a quite simple format of comprehension. It contains a passage of approx. 300-500 words.
  3. It is taken from a ‘published material’ 5 questions are asked on this.
  4. These questions vary in Quality & range. They test our ability to read a passage, comprehend its meaning, and criticize its strengths & weaknesses.
  5. A Comprehension passage contains multiple paragraphs, each containing a central idea which is explained with ideas & examples.
  6. The student should approach the passage with an open mind. There is no place for the reader’s own opinion, assumptions, or prejudice.

Exam Strategies

If you have to get through the Reading Comprehension section without breaking the ice, then adopt these measures.

  • To grasp any passage you need to be a deep thinker you should know how to connect with the words of the author.
  • To enhance it, read the editorial of the renowned newspaper daily which touches all aspects like the economy, sports, politics, terrorism, entertainment, etc.
  • Just don’t read the passage try to visualize it like a story and get the grip of the actual message of the passage and infer.
  • A good rule of thumb is to practice quizzes at least a month prior to the UGC NET exam, as it is a scoring section.

Important Tips to Remember For UGC NET Comprehension

  1. Read and visualize.
  2. Recognize the keywords.
  3. Time management is an important aspect.
  4. Ignore the useless words.
  5. Don’t panic and lose confidence.
  6. Gist only the message
  7. Connect with the tone of the author.
  8. Make a habit of finding keywords quickly & underline those words.

We hope these important tips will help you out to crack the English section in the best possible way.

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